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October 20 2020

Tina Walsh on Law, Compliance and Why Success Leaves Clues

In July 1995, Tina was forced to retire from the police service following an injury sustained in the line of duty.


In this week’s episode we chat about her passion for law and compliance, how she became an Amazon #1 best selling author, and why overnight success takes years.

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October 13, 2020


Being a

Good Mother

In this episode Maria chats about motherhood; from waving her own mom off from El Salvador to being reunited two years later in the United States, and the lessons she’s learning now as she juggles working from home and playing the role of ‘Academic Teacher’ during a pandemic-related lockdown.

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September 22, 2020


4 Countries. 3 Continents. 1 Constant.

At 74, Rose Todd has changed continents five times, witnessing first hand a terrorist war, gone through a heartbreaking divorce, and created a business she loves, sharing her knowledge and passion with others. 


In this episode Rose shares some of her journey and the one constant that has gotten her through it all.

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September 1, 2020


Teaching &


In this episode Julie and I talk about her career as a teacher, her love of lace and the French Renaissance, side-hustling, and transitioning to becoming

her own boss.

Julie believes that if you have a passion, you can turn it into a business...

and with ‘smarts’

you'll figure it out!

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August 11, 2020


Relocating and


Have you ever had all your eggs in one basket – only to find when the basket is taken away, you’ve lost everything?  Steph has. Working for herself, twice now she’s lost 90% of her work.


In this episode we talk about what that meant for her, the people that freelanced for her, and how – with a sense of optimism – she saw the opportunity to move up the value chain, looking forward with excitement to better times ahead.

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October 6, 2020


Stress &


Now a life coach, Anne Skinner was once a stressed [unworthy] mother, manager and wife. In this episode, she shares her story of not one, but two cancer diagnoses in five years; in her own words, she was “allowing stress to comprise her immune system” to the point where she had little defence. Anne learned how to fully accept and to love herself as she is….

And today uses those same techniques to help others

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September 15, 2020


Divorce • Growth


Connie Alexander recently, and rather boldly, stated she’s ready to start dating again. 


In this episode she talks about finding confidence in herself, expresses gratitude for the times of struggle, and shares some of her dating stories so far.

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August 25, 2020



What Stress!

The World Health Organization calls stress the health epidemic of the

21st Century.


In ‘Stress? What stress!’ Victoria shares the disruptive effect low-level stressors have on our wellbeing; why just like Goldilocks we all need just the right amount, and why sorting buttons doesn’t just mean a neat random button tin.

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August 4, 2020


Loneliness and


Recorded in the middle of a global pandemic, in this episode Lorna shares how several major life altering events in her own life, have impacted her world.

We chat about those days when it’s all she can do to wake up in the morning, how she stays as upbeat as she does by helping others, and the mental and emotional toll loneliness and isolation can and has played. Her journey is one of incredible vulnerability and courage…. sprinkled with the reminder to always find your inner child.

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September 29, 2020


Failure Not Being

a Weakness

In ‘Failure Not Being A Weakness’, I chat with my first male guest, Steve Booth, about his own personal RADAR, and why after a 43 year career in the Aerospace and Defence sector, he has broken cover with a story that many people are not aware of.

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September 8, 2020


The Power

of Singing

Ever wondered if you can sing? Maybe you've been told otherwise.

In this episode, professional singer and vocal coach Rachel More talks about her passion to help people uncover their voice and get the best out of it.


Quite simply, Rachel says “singing is good for you.”

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August 18, 2020


Imposter Syndrome

(& silencing the inner critic)

In this episode I talk to Marisa Santoro – a former Wall Street IT executive, now a career leadership trainer and professional career coach – about Imposter Syndrome, a limiting belief that causes you to think your success has been some kinds of happy accident and that you’ll soon be found out. Marisa shares tangible ways you can be your authentic self while silencing the inner critic.

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July 27, 2020


Embracing Cringeworthy


The first Stories of Survival podcast is here, and in this intro episode Sarah unpacks her feelings of trepidation and excitement as she leans into a cringeworthy moment.

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July 23, 2020


Introducing: Stories of Survival in the Modern Age

Join Success Becomes Her founder, and success & confidence consultant, Sarah Booth-Henry as she embarks on this new adventure, having raw and honest dialogue with real and authentic people.

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